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As stated in the tweet; Do what makes you happy. But what if there’s really something that stops you from doing it? Still doing it or nah? It’s not being weak or not being brave, you guys. What if watching movies makes you happy, but you have no money to buy tickets for it. What if playing basketball makes you happy, but you still have chores to do? What if making art makes you happy and you want to pursue it on college, but your parents can’t afford the fees for a decent art school? What if watching a concert makes you happy, but something more inportant came up during the event? For some of us, the line would apply for a “bigger” moment in life, like, dropping out of med school to pursue fashion industry? Seems unconnected right? But what if such thing happens in reality? That one person really just happened to attend med school because his/her parents said so, because it’s the family profession. I don’t even know why I’m having this med-fashion thingy as an example. But what I’m saying is, we can’t always do what makes us happy. Sounds rough? But that’s life. That’s the challenge. We have to make an effort to finally do whatever makes us happy.
Be with someone who makes you smile. Is that someone always available for you just to make you smile? What if he or she is miles away from you? Can you afford to go wherever that person is or can that person do that to you? Here’s the thing, when the time comes that you’re with that someone again, make every moment last. Maybe return the “favor”. Make him/her smile as well. You can never tell when’s the next time for the both of you to be together again. Time is gold.

Laugh as much as you breathe. Even on the darkest days of your life, if something’s really funny, don’t stop yourself, just laugh. One of the best feelings in the world is laughing as if there’s no problem to be worried about.

Love as long as you live. It’s great sharing love for someone, especially for someone who loves you back. May it be your special someone, or your siblings, or your friends. Don’t stop loving. Even if you get hurt, that’s part of loving, I think everyone knows that. Love can take you to adventure any luxurious cars can’t take you. Love can heal wounds that even doctors don’t know the medicine yet. Love can teach us something isn’t learned from school. Love is a wonderful thing. Not until you experienced getting hurt so much you want to rip off your heart and let it disappear. Ooops. You’ll get there. But as of the moment, just love. With no hesitations, just love.

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