(The kind of photo when you don’t want to let others know you’re taking a picture.)

Standing at the platform, waiting for the train. At the moment. I have no internet connection. Just typing this stuff, and will post later. So basically, this is just a draft, until it’s finally published. I’m going to Makati now. My mom asked me to bring something for her cousin, which is in Japan. I mean, I’m going to give the stuffs to Meme’s (Mom) cousin’s friend. Get it?
So I was standing here. Still. Waiting. Patiently. Then a girl passed by holding a bouquet of flowers. I just remember the last time I received one. Fourth year high school. Prom Night. Short flashback:

It was the last prom I’m going to experience during high school years. My excitement was so high even weeks before the day. So the day came, I’m busy preparing and stuff. My sister did my hair and make up, which turned out nice. Plus, my gown was old, just let the tailor made some alterations. So I’m ready to go. Since I’m from a Catholic School, it’s normal to have Holy Mass every start of events, even prom. After the mass, we did the “grand entrance” wherein partners will do scripted acts; flower giving, walking round the covered court with your escort till you reached the assigned table for the both of you. Then welcome ceremony, programs blah blah. And the most awaited dance time with your “special someone” and other guy friends, even strangers. That night was really fun. Tho we have experienced some boo moments because our teachers got mad. Yea.

Now I realized, I already forgot when and how the bouquet of flowers was given to me. Oops ✌ all I remember is that when we’re all still outside the school and church, I saw my guy friend holding that bouquet, I even teased him that he’s going to give it to her someone, to my surprised, it was for me. It’s part of their plan, so I wouldn’t notice. And they did it. Boys. *sigh* high school memories.

Now this is one of those moments you remember when you wait too much on a train station, or you’re on a long roadtrip. So much reminiscing happened this day. I kinda like it.

Jeydie ğŸ’ž


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