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So much feels for this tweet I saw hours ago. Sometimes I feel I’d rather be dumb than feeling random about stuffs. Like getting hurt by overthinking. Confused on whatever’s happening. Why? Why is it so hard to stop overthinking? Why? Why does anyone even have to feel the pain they don’t deserve?

For most of you *if someone’s even reading this*, you would think this is about love. But nah. Well yea, part of it. But this applies to all. Pain? It can’t be only applied for the love you have with someone. You can experience pain when you have family problems. You can experience pain when you’re disappointed on your friends. You can experience pain when you get a low grade, lower than you expected after the effort you put into it. You experience pain when you thought you can do it, but still you’re on the same state.

You experience pain, because you feel it. It hurts. Not physically, but emotionally. It runs on your mind affecting your heart. It makes you feel confused on things. It confuses your perspective on life. Especially when you know you had too much. You just don’t give a damn sometimes, but when it hurts so bad, you can’t avoid it. You still act like a drama queen. You keep on ranting and asking why? Why is this happening? No one knows, child.

But like what everyone says, life goes on. Time heals. Enjoy the pain ’till you feel it no more.


#MidnightThoughts #3amDrama

Jeydie 😳


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