Like Crazy

I just finished watching “Like Crazy” movie minutes ago. And now I’m already lying on my bed, still awake. Although I have 8am class later. So the movie is about a couple who’s in a long distance relationship. They supposedly be only apart for 2 months, summer. But the girl decided not to come back in UK for the summer amidst the fact that it’s a violation for her visa. Their currently in LA. Classmates in college for one subject. She made the decision the morning before she left. Reason for staying? So they can be together the whole summer doing nothing. And they did. The girl went home for a wedding event *if not mistaken*. She’ll be home for 7 days. When she’s already back to LA, the Customs won’t allow her to leave the airport, because of the violation. So she’ll be sent back to UK and she’ll be banned for having another visa.

They went on having a long distance relationship. But just like the ones in the same situation, shit happens. Communication problems. Getting busy and all. Until the guy had another girl. Yea that sucks. Temptation got him. He and his new girl were happy together at his apartment. While the real girl is busy at her work in UK. Oh, boys. Psh. So the girl ask her guy to come over to UK, so he did. In less than an hour, they’re together. And it seems like nothing’s changed. For the guy, it’s like his not cheating. Ugh. Days went on and they both realized that things aren’t the same for the both of them. That there is a problem. They talk it out. Then the guy needs to go back to LA.

Just like before they need to pull off that long distance relationship thingy. Until they decided to get married, while they both know that things aren’t all smooth. Pft. Since the guy isn’t really from UK, days after the wedding, he went back to LA again. So much for being apart from each other. The guy still managed to be with his new girl. And this time, the girl also has someone going on with, a neighbor. So they’re basically both cheating at each other.

The girl’s visa was finally approved. So she gave up her good job and apartment in UK to went back to LA and start again with her husband. But still, they both know there’s a problem between them. And the last scene was when they were in the shower. What an ending right?

Well, I loved the movie. Because I can relate to it. First. When the guy had another girl. It’s not stated clearly in the movie if they’re in a relationship or what, but the thing is, that’s one of the all-time disease of boys. They can’t manage to resist temptation especially when there is a problem going on with their girl. Maybe they just needed someone to be there when their girl is ignoring them. Or maybe someone to be with when their not with their girl? Fuck it. Once a connection starts for you and your new girl, big shit is going to happen if you don’t step yourself out of it. If you let yourself get attached to that person, you’ll find a hard time getting unattached. You’ll have this thinking that you need that person, that she’s handy when your girl ignores you or started to act like a bitch. Oh please. Stop it. Not helping, really.

Second. Communication. I get the part wherein the girl gets busy, reason for not being able to catch up with his guy. It’s a struggle you know. When there’s just so much to tell but time don’t please it so you’ll just let it pass and talk to him for several minutes only.

Third. Unresolved issues. They both go on with their relationship even if they both know there’s so much fixing to be done. That will be a cause of a big fight. Been there. And up to now, we’re trying to fix it blindly. Not knowing the solution. But still struggling to fix it. Weird right? If there’s a problem, talk about it and try to resolve it, right away. Don’t let it pass for a long time. Believe me.

Fourth. Decisions. A very important part of relationship. You should think carefully before making one. Think of the consequences.

This movie made me realize things. If your partner made a mistake, don’t make the same mistake. You’ll make a bigger problem. That’s a no-no. If you’re in a relationship, whether it’s official or not, like MU thingy, be loyal. Think what would you feel if it’s done to you. Being cheated. I once read a quote that says if you try to hide it from your partner, it’s called cheating already. Specially for girls, we are sensitive. So sensitive. When we found out our guy is having a great bond with another girl, that would shake the hell out of us. That would make us paranoid. Even if you tell us “she’s just a friend” oh fuck it. That line sucks. Even if you tell us she have a boyfriend, that won’t be a reason. I know girls would understand me at this part. I’m just saying.

I’m thinking what should be the ending of that movie. It’s obvious that they still have feelings for each other. It’s either they break up and end up with their new lovers. Or they continue their relationship while fixing their problems together. I don’t know.

3:59am i need to sleep haha

Jeydie 💤


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