Simula nung ilang beses ka umayaw kahit dimo gusto, tapos hindi lagi ako pumapayag na matapos nalang lahat.. naisip ko “paano kung ako yung umayaw?”

Would you still do the same? Mag iinsist ka din ba na ituloy padin natin yun kahit sobrang gulo na? Or hahayaan mo nalang hanggang mawala na talaga?

And now. I guess that question of mine was answered. Somehow? Maybe?

Not that I’m expecting you to disagree the moment I said it’s done. But maybe a part of me is assuming, somehow, that you’ll insist on continuing whatever we have.

But it’s okay. This time, I kinda accepted the decision I made hours ago.. to let go. We both agree that it would be the only solution. So we can both be free from overthinking on how to solve the problems that already piled out.

But we also don’t want to accept that we already made that decision. Maybe the decision that was already there a long time ago, we’re both just waiting for a moment like what happened earlier. Just a thought.

Still in class and I’m not listening to the reporter hehe this kind of thoughts that haunts you in the most inconvenient times. Haist.

10:55am. PUP-CEA. Building Technology 5 Subject 😅



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