Words I never said.

Saw this post on facebook, shared by a friend. It feels like I’m the one who originally posted it. It still amazed me everytime I read posts that seems like I wrote it myself. I always feel the need to share it but I always ended up liking and saving it only. This post hit me right through my heart *naks* made me smile before I finished reading it. So I think it’s a blog-worthy post.

Here it is.

“What if he falls for someone else?”

“The moment I let him explore things outside our own little world I knew right there and then, situation like that or even more may follow. And if you’d ask me if I’m scared of the thought, no, I was way beyond being scared. But I love him freely and locking him up just for myself is complete selfishness. And I don’t want that. The world has so much to offer and if I let him grab the opportunities, he’ll get what he truly deserves. I know, he’ll do best and I want him to understand that I won’t pull him away from his dreams. I want him to grow independent. We need to grow apart sometimes. And if letting him grow means walking in temptations, then I’ll take the risk. After all, relationship is about trust. And I trust the love he has for me. I trust that it will always be me over any temptations.”

Source: Sadness and agony | Facebook


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